Friday, April 11, 2014

Fat News

Sub-Grand Fat Bike!!!
Fat Bike Sale:

If you've been on the fence about this fat bike thing, and needed a shove, well now is the time. We've reduced the prices on all remaining fat bike inventory, including a smokin' deal on the Origin 8 Crawler, which is marked so low I can't tell you on-line. Seriously!

We've got two Mukluk 2's and a couple 3's on the floor and when they are gone, they are gone. They won't last long at the prices we've marked them at, in fact- one sold already! 

The new full suspension Bucksaw
 Bucksaw Full Suspension Fat Bike:

We've known for three years that Salsa Cycles was working on a full suspension fat bike, but we had almost given up hope of  ever seeing it. Well, recently Salsa Cycles introduced Bucksaw full suspension fat bikes in the "1" & "2" levels. Based upon the highly acclaimed "Split Pivot" rear suspension design by Dave Weagle, the Buckshot is no novelty. It is a serious, trail oriented mountain bike.

The question we keep hearing is "Why the fat tires mated to full suspension? Aren't the big tires enough?" Great question, and here are a couple of reasons why Bucksaw makes great sense:

  • Big tires have Big Grip: Mountain biking is all about traction and keeping your traction under control. Think about that. Without traction, you are either out of control, or not going anywhere. Fat bike tires have a huge contact patch with the ground. A much larger contact patch than an ordinary mountain bike tire could ever have. More knobs equal more grip. You can go faster, climb better, and brake harder. 
  • Big tires are Undamped Suspension: While it is true that big fat bike tires have "springs" of air that can absorb a lot of trail deformities, that energy that is absorbed has to be returned either as heat, or an equal and opposite force. In terms of pneumatic tires, that energy returned will cause the tires to bounce. Suspension can arrest that energy and dissipate it, instead of your arms and legs doing that job. (Which I think sounds better than me having to deal with that energy!) With Bucksaw, you not only have superior traction, but you have a system to keep it under control as well. 
Bucksaw models will be available in the Fall of 2014, but if you want one, you may want to pre-order the bike, as these will be in high demand, being the first out of the gate with such a design on a wide scale. Come in and talk with us about these or any of the other excellent Salsa Cycles bikes we have or that we can order in for you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Raleigh Tamland 1- The Road Bike With No Limits

Raleigh Tamland 1: Image courtesy of Cyclo Cross Magazine.
Here at Europa Cycles, we are stoked to be able to offer the Raleigh Tamland 1 model. This is a very unique bike that hasn't been available before. It is a very versatile design.

But first, it has to be said that one of Europa's own employees, (yours truly), actually had a hand in helping to develop the geometry and some of the features of the Tamland. (<==Click the link to find out the story.)

The Tamland is billed as a "gravel bike", but that's selling the design a bit short. Here's why the Tamland matters and why you might find it to be the perfect "all around" bike for most of your road biking needs:
  • The Tamland has a stable geometry: This means you have an easier time keeping the bike going forward over rougher roads, gravel, and even dirt!
  • The Tamland is constructed from Reynolds 631 tubing: This means that the ride quality will be smooth, but not "dead" feeling. It is a certain quality of higher end steel that seasoned cyclists seek out in a bicycle. There is a reason feels good!
  • The Tamland has full rack and fender braze ons: This means it can be the perfect commuter, RAGBRAI rig, light touring bicycle, or perfect for your next, long adventure. In other words, it is versatile!
  • The Tamland can fit a wider range of tire widths: The Tamland comes stock with Clement's excellent all around purposed MSO 40mm tires, but you can just as easily mount 28mm road tires all the way up to 42mm dirt road tires and anything in between. Did we mention the bike is versatile? 
  • The Tamland has disc brakes: Disc brakes do several things for you- You can stop safely in any weather, you can use less hand force to stop more quickly and under control, the pads tend to last the average rider at least twice as long as ordinary road brake pads, and if you break a spoke, you don't have to compromise your brakes to keep rolling. The TRP Spyre disc calipers are also unique and powerful compared to the competition. 
  • The Tamland has a Shimano 105 spec level: This means you get reliable shifting, smooth operating drivetrain parts with a reasonable lightweight yet durable cassette, chain, and chain rings. Oh yeah......and it is 10 speed. A compact crank and wide range cassette mean that any hills around here are toast when you attack them. You've got plenty of gear on tap here!
Essentially, you can think of the Tamland as "the road bike with no limits". It can be fitted with accessories, no problems, unlike most lightweight, road racing bikes that are not meant to have racks, fenders, etcetera. It can run on pavement, busted up chip seal, gravel, dirt roads, fire roads, and essentially anywhere there is a path that doesn't require a mountain bike. It may be the only bike you'll ever need.

We've got a full size run of Tamland 1's in now. Stop by and see this and our other 2014 models in stock now. We'll have the coffee ready for you.......

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ready For Spring

Updated service counter
At Europa Cycles, we have been doing some "Spring Cleaning" and sprucing up for the coming season. Many of the things we have done are behind the scenes changes. Things like how we store bicycles, how we track things, and more, which you, the customer, won't really notice other than perhaps we will be more efficient and be getting things done faster than before.
 Other things are very noticeable, like our new Service Counter. We have moved it to be separated from the retail sales counter to make busier times less chaotic for the customers. Service and repairs will now not be in the way of your checking out and getting out there to ride!

We also updated our service packages to better reflect our customer's needs. We sat down and took stock of how many repairs were basic, just check overs, or more serious repairs. Data and experiences over the last decade were considered. The old packages we offered weren't very flexible in terms of "add ons", and some were antiquated, based on tradition which has been rendered obsolete.

So what we came up with is more flexible, reflective of today's rider's needs, and in many cases, will actually ring up to be less money than they would have with the old packages we offered. We're dedicated to doing a better job up front, when we check in bikes, and we feel that will also raise the bar for our service department versus the competition. We're pretty proud and stoked to offer this new system to you in our Service Department, and we look forward to seeing you and your bicycles very soon.

Clothing: We're revamping the entire clothing department, and we are clearing out all of the old stuff. (Yes- bargains on all current inventory!) In turn, we are changing displays and we will be offering two new clothing lines very soon that will be exclusive to the area.

We're pretty stoked about the new lines and how they will enhance your cycling, help you gain higher performance, and look better on your bicycle. Who doesn't like to look better? know you do! So, stay tuned for announcements of the new lines and be prepared to check out the new stuff coming in this Spring for all your Summer cycling needs.

We also just received delivery of all our new Burley trailers for 2014. Burley has always been the premier child trailer brand and commands the highest resale prices aftermarket. But the newest Burley trailers are even better than their predecessors. More features, easier to fold and unfold, and better safety for your little ones are all things that not only separate Burley from the competition, but have made 2014 Burley trailers their best ever.

We've got four models to choose from and also the Burley Travoy commuter/urban cargo unit, which is a trick little two wheeled cart you can take off the bike and right into your office or shopping store. (Even Waterloo's Mayor has one!) We also carry the Nomad, Burley's cargo trailer made to haul a variety of stuff, or use it to haul your baggage on your next tour. Perhaps carry that stereo and "adult beverage cooler" on that cross state ride at the end of July? Yes!

We've also stocked up on tools, accessories, and supplies you'll want to be checking out to help make your 2014 cycling experiences the best ones ever. One of the cool little gizmos we have now is the PRO mechanic stand which is portable and comes with its own carrying bag so you can easily tote this on vacation, to events, or just to use as your stand at home to keep your bicycle happy.

We've been busy to get ready to be busy helping you. We believe 2014 will be the best year for you to visit Europa Cycles ever. We are ready and waiting to get your bicycles serviced, and to supply you with anything you might be needing to get off on the right foot this cycling season. Stop in and see all the 2014 Raleigh, Trek, and Salsa bicycles plus the Sun recumbents and trikes. And have a cup of coffee on us while you are there. See ya soon......

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Will Be Springing!

Playing teacher for a day.
Here at Europa Cycles we are fixing up things in preparation for Spring to come. It's going to be here before we know it!

We helped several folks recently get their rigs readied for Spring and put some knowledge and tricks of the trade into their hands recently. Europa Cycles hosted a maintenance class which provided the knowledge and tools to help these lucky folks learn about repairing and adjusting their own bicycles. They even got to take the tools home with them that they used in the class.

We'll probably do this again during the "pre-season" next Winter, so stay tuned if you are interested in learning how to wrench on your own rigs.

We've been busy primping and preening the store recently as well. If you haven't been in lately, you'll see several details that have been added or subtracted from what you might remember. Come in and see how we've tweaked out things soon! We've also been busy doing some administrative changes that should make for a better customer experience. We've streamlined the service department, we've changed the way we do some procedures, and we've added some structures to hold items in a more efficient, more pleasant to look at way. Small things, maybe, but all will improve the customer experience at the shop.

Need a fat bike? Here's a smokin' deal!
We have a few really smokin' good deals on fat bikes and some left over 2013's at the shop yet. Here's one that I'm featuring today. It's the Origin 8 "Crawler" fat bike.

This is a unique bike in the fat biking world as it is equipped with a super low maintenance Nuvinci hub and has no derailleurs hanging down to get snapped off, iced up, or clogged with mud. It may be the perfect "bushwhacking" bike! Come in and we'll show you this bike, or any of the other great deals on left over bikes. Of course, we have a ton of new 2014's as well to check into.

Hope to see you soon. Ask for the tour of new things, and a cup of coffee!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tune Up Class & Other News

Hey there! It's been a while now, but the rogue shop blog isn't dead yet! In fact, I am just so busy rubbing my hands together to stay warm lately that I don't have time to type on this here page!

But seriously, it isn't the busiest time of the year, obviously. Now that Spring is nigh though, there are the thoughts that should be entering your brain like, "I should get my bicycle(s) looked at soon....." (At least you SHOULD be thinking along those lines!) Maybe you have always wanted to know just what sort of magic bicycle mechanics do to bikes. Maybe the dark art of wheel truing, perhaps, or the deep magic involved in derailleur adjustments. (Well, it really isn't magic, but I have been bombarded with J.K. Rowling references by my teenage daughter lately, so....)

If this vaguely describes you in any way, perhaps the new "Bicycle Repair Classes" is for you. (Click the flyer to observe the text in a larger format.) This year we decided that a more "in depth", hands on approach may be desired by a few folks. It costs more money since you get yer own wrenches to spin that you can keep forever, and the class is "hands on" your very own rig, so you get it tuned up as well. Maybe no one will care to sign up, which is fine by me, since I will go on a bicycle ride instead! (<====HA!)

Special deals to be had.....
In other news....

We have a few "Special Deals" on some Salsa Cycles rigs. How special? So special I can't even tell you openly about them. That's how special! Here are a few bikes that are on our "hot list"....

Size Large Beargrease XX1
58cm & 56cm Warbird 2's ('13 models)
54cm Casseroll ('13 model)
Mukluk 3's- A few to choose from.

PLUS: Several Treks and Raleighs that are RED TAGGED

Interested in buying anything like this for a special price? Tell us you will buy one, (or heck- all of them!), and we'll tell you the price. Don't come tire kickin', cause we won't give you a price unless you are buying. Yes- it is that good of a deal.

RAGBRAI Comes Close in '14!!

In case you had not heard, RAGBRAI 2014 is coming through our area. It overnights in Waverly and Independence. It will be a flat, easy as pie ride, so gear up your steeds folks. We'll be super busy come June, so do not wait to get your new bike or tune up on your old rig. Get in the shop now and beat the rush! Don't look all sorry when you wait till June 15th and we tell you it is a two week backlog on repairs.

Don't say I never told ya so!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servicing Shocks, Bleeding Brakes, And More....

Now servicing Fox Forks!
Suspension Serving: Winter may be putting you off your bike, but don't put off servicing your equipment till Spring! Do it now and be ready to roll when the weather finally turns. Europa is now a Fox dealer and can do any servicing on Fox forks. Plus, we can do servicing on your Rock Shox forks as well. Stop by and see us for that shock overhaul.

Say what? You have never had that done to your fork? You should check the servicing intervals for your shock and then maybe stop by and see us. Just a helpful hint there. Your shock performance may not be what it could be.

Also, if you have a mountain bike you love but the fork isn't lighting you up these days, we also can now get forks direct from Fox, and of course, we can also get any Rock Shox, Manitou, or Magura fork you may be interested in.

Winter time is the perfect time to check into servicing your fork or upgrading to a new one as the trails are socked in now anyway and your bike is probably just hanging from a hook, waiting for you to show it some love!

Your brakes need bleeding.....really!
Brake Bleeding: You may not know it, but your brakes probably need bleeding as well, especially Avid brakes. Any brake with DOT fluid that hasn't been bled really should be! Your DOT fluid draws moisture and that moisture affects how well your hydraulic brakes work. A quick bleed and new fluid takes care of your bike for the coming riding season. Typically hydraulic brakes, be they mineral oil based or DOT fluid based, should be bled once a year to rid the system of any air that has intruded during use. And typically with bicycle based hydro brakes, you don't notice how poor your brakes are doing until it is too late. Service those brakes now while riding season is out of season!

Got mechanical brakes and think you don't have to worry? Think again! Your cables and housings are the heart of your system, and if they have never been changed, they probably are taking away from the performance of your mechanical brakes by way of friction and housing breakdown. Mechanical disc brakes put a lot of stress on housings and can make them too flexible, which robs you of braking power. Stop in and have us show you the options to get you mechanical brakes working at peak efficiency. Stopping is good!

Time to tune up!
Maybe you don't have shocks or disc brakes, but you probably should get that rig looked at any way. Wheels need truing, cables and housings need to be checked, and tires and tubes need looking over before the cold weather leaves us and you reach the day that you want to grab that bike and just go for a ride.

Make sure you are ready by having Europa Cycles tune it up for you now. Beat the rush in Spring and avoid waiting for your bike for any period of time!

In the meantime, Europa's "unofficial, bandit blog" would like to wish you all out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you get miles of smiles in 2014!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beargrease X-9 Arrives!

2014 Medium sized Beargrease Carbon x-9
Another stunning fat bike showed up a few days ago at Europa Cycle & Ski. This time it is the Carbon Beargrease equipped with the x-9 SRAM package. In many ways, I think this is the "smart man's" Carbon Beargrease. Why?

Well, for one, the drivetrain has a slightly lower gear on tap than the XX-1 Beargrease does. That's maybe what it might take to get you through that snow bank, or through that sand trap. Or maybe what it might take to get you three miles up a mountain.

Secondly, the x-9 set up has a faster gear on it for your Summertime riding. Yes- that means you have a front derailleur and front shifter. Boo-hoo! You won't care when you are actually riding this bike if it gets you up, around, through, or makes you go faster. Wider gearing range = good.

But besides this, the Carbon Beargrease x-9 is a different look. It has white Holy Rolling Darryl rims. A white Salsa downtube decal, and a different graphic treatment on the downtube than the XX-1 Beargrease has. Maybe its a bit more "showy"? Hmm..... All I know is everyone that has seen it says they think it is super cool.

Oh, and did I mention that it is about $1500.00 less than the ultra-cool XX-1 bike? Yes. It is. You still get the Beargrease carbon fork and frame, through axles front and rear, and the same great new geometry that the XX-1 bike has. Pretty darn cool, if ya ask me. This one is here, and we have another, size Large, which is to come soon. Stop by and check this out, or our Mukluk 2 & Mukluk 3's which are in stock and ready to slay snow which is coming.