Friday, October 19, 2012

Mukluk 2 Frame Fork!

Mukluk 2 in Medium
The shop just took delivery of this awesome Mukluk 2 frame and fork today. The complete Mukluk 2 is White/Green, but Salsa Cycles decided the frame only option would be this awesome black with Purple decals and seat collar.

Dubbed "Grape Ape", this frame and fork are a Medium/17" in size and would make a great upgrade from an older Salsa Mukluk, or something to base your special build on.

The frame is the same as all the other Mukluks for 2013- Slightly higher bottom bracket, shorter chain stay length, and a different head tube from previous years. The frame takes a 44mm compatible head set and can accept tapered steer tube forks as well as straight 1 1/8th inch.

Close up of the deacal
The fork provided with the frame is color matched and is the Enabler model from Salsa that has braze ons for a front rack and water bottles on each fork leg. Or you can also get two "Anything Cages" and use the triple braze on mount. These cages are larger and are meant to hold things like Nalgene bottles, sleeping bag rolls, or whatever object you can think of that fits the cage.

The fork also has fender mounts, and the forward facing drop outs help prevent wheel ejection under hard disc brake use. The fork is disc brake only.

Alternator Drop Outs
The big difference with the 2013 frames is the Alternator rear drop outs. These are "swinger" type rear modular drop outs that allow for a rider to adjust the wheel base, or to set up the bike as a single speed.

These drop outs are burly and a proven design, having been ridden to finishes by several riders on the grueling Tour Divide, a 2500-plus mile off road event in the Rocky Mountains.

Other features include improved full run cable housing runs for brakes and derailleurs. An included Direct Mount front derailleur perch that attaches to the seat tube, if a front derailleur is used is also included.

The Mukluk 2 frame set has a 170mm rear drop out spacing and uses a 135mm spaced front fork for the best strength and for maximum clearances around tires while retaining the possibility to run a full 3 X 9 or 3 X 10 mtb drive train.

So, come on in and check this out, or the Muk 2 complete we have along with the Mukluk 3 we just got built up. Good times are waiting for you on a fat bike!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some More New Rigs!

New Salsa Vaya 3
The shop keeps getting more new rad rigs in, and this may be the prettiest Salsa Cycles bike we've seen yet.

It's the new Vaya 3 for 2013 in a luscious red hue with gold-ish anodized hubs and brown accents. The Vaya is Salsa Cycles versatile "touring" bike with plenty of braze ons, disc brakes, and a triple crank set with a wide range gear cluster.

I like to think of it as one of the best "all-road" bikes around. Gravel? Yes- most definitely. Rough roads? Sure- bring it on. Fast, spirited pavement riding? Not a problem. Take the Vaya down a dirt minimum maintenance road or buff single track too. It can go a lot of places an ordinary road bike couldn't do well in. 

The graphics and the deep, rich red color are very well and tastefully done. You would be hard pressed to find a sexier looking rig with the class this bike has.

The components are solid. Bar end shifters are dead reliable, simple to operate, and easily upgraded to a new system when the time comes. The wheels feature Sun Ringle' rims which are designed for 29"ers, so you know they are burly enough for loaded touring, or rough housing on a country road. The rims are laced to nice Salsa 3 hubs, and despite these being Salsa's entry level hubs, they are incredibly smooth. Salsa branded seat post, stem, and excellent Cowbell 3 handle bar round out the components here.

From the Salsa demo in August
We have already sold the awesome orange Mukluk 3 we had, and to replace it, we are now stocking a green Mukluk 3.

I think I like the green one better, actually! It has killer pewter anodized hubs and seat collar, and the matte green color is sweet.

It is a size Medium, so come on down and check this one out before it goes bye-bye like the orange one did.

Also- we are stocking some tires and will be getting some other fat bike related gear to support your corpulent steed in the future. Check it out soon!

Finally, the incredible Trek Domane has arrived. We have a few on hand including a Di2 equipped Project 1 version. These are going to be super popular items in 2013, and we even sold one of our nicer ones before I ever got it built up a week or so ago! You won't believe how the ride is so smooth on these. Check one out and see for yourself.