Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mechanic Classes, RAGBRAI, & More

Mechanic Classes:

We ran an intensive Mechanic Class to teach folks how to do a tune up last year which was pretty successful. This year we're going to do it again at Europa It also will be complimented by a Basic Bike Knowledge Class taught by our owner, Russ. Class times, details, and more will be forthcoming, but as of now expect that this will happen right at the end of February or during the first week of March.

The class I will teach will be modified just a bit from last time to include more about wheels and wheel truing, which was asked about last year. Stay tuned! Each participant will get a set of tools included in the fee for the class.

From RAGBRAI '14
RAGBRAI Is Coming To Cedar Falls!

The announcement was made recently that RAGBRAI will be stopping at Cedar Falls as part of the 2015 route, which traces parts of the first RAGBRAI route across Iowa. Largely along the I-80 corridor, either North or South of that a bit, this year's route should be a big deal. It goes through several bigger towns and will be well attended since it won't be a Southern route!

What this means for you locals to Europa is that the shops will be busy in the area, so get those bicycles in NOW for tune ups and repair work. I guarantee we'll be swamped in June and July, and we are already doing RAGBRAI tune ups at the shop now.

We are also seeing a big uptick in road bike sales since the announcement, so get in now and find that rig for this year's big ride.

Raleigh Willard One
Special Gravel Loop:

This year's RAGBRAI will also feature a special gravel loop in honor of Steve Hed of HED Wheels fame.  What better bike than a Willard or Tamland from Raleigh Bikes to tackle it on? Europa has both models on the floor to check out and more from Salsa Cycles and Trek that also would make for excellent gravel steeds.

While these bikes are great for gravel, they are not "one trick ponies" either. They all do any road surface well, are stable, and versatile with rack mounts, fender mounts, and can do light touring easily.

So, don't get stuck on a bike that is meant for one thing only, (racing style bikes anyone?), and start to think out of the box for your next road bike which should be able to go on any road surface whether that be paved, gravel, or dirt. Your next road bike should be more comfortable, be able to carry stuff, and also have fast, zippy capabilities while being smoother than the jarring ride that racing bikes have.

Check it out. We have hot coffee and tea for you while you browse.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter-Lite Means Good Deals For You

Killer deals on new '15 fat bikes await you....
It's a new year and the Winter is about half over. As you know, it's been an odd one. Not enough snow to XC ski, snow shoe, nor to have a lot of fun with the fat bike's capabilities. Not that you couldn't still be out there doing one of these three activities!

Anyway, all this means that the "powers that be" down at the shop have instigated a plan to unleash more attractive pricing on remaining, in stock Winter gear. You could be fat biking on an awesome, hard to find Farley 8, (which makes a great, stable platform for any mountain biking adventure, by the way), or a rare Titanium Mukluk, or the exotic, 24lb Carbon Beargrease 1.

This also includes snow shoes and XC skis. Get 'em while they are priced low. This only lats through the end of January.