Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter-Lite Means Good Deals For You

Killer deals on new '15 fat bikes await you....
It's a new year and the Winter is about half over. As you know, it's been an odd one. Not enough snow to XC ski, snow shoe, nor to have a lot of fun with the fat bike's capabilities. Not that you couldn't still be out there doing one of these three activities!

Anyway, all this means that the "powers that be" down at the shop have instigated a plan to unleash more attractive pricing on remaining, in stock Winter gear. You could be fat biking on an awesome, hard to find Farley 8, (which makes a great, stable platform for any mountain biking adventure, by the way), or a rare Titanium Mukluk, or the exotic, 24lb Carbon Beargrease 1.

This also includes snow shoes and XC skis. Get 'em while they are priced low. This only lats through the end of January.

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