Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beargrease X-9 Arrives!

2014 Medium sized Beargrease Carbon x-9
Another stunning fat bike showed up a few days ago at Europa Cycle & Ski. This time it is the Carbon Beargrease equipped with the x-9 SRAM package. In many ways, I think this is the "smart man's" Carbon Beargrease. Why?

Well, for one, the drivetrain has a slightly lower gear on tap than the XX-1 Beargrease does. That's maybe what it might take to get you through that snow bank, or through that sand trap. Or maybe what it might take to get you three miles up a mountain.

Secondly, the x-9 set up has a faster gear on it for your Summertime riding. Yes- that means you have a front derailleur and front shifter. Boo-hoo! You won't care when you are actually riding this bike if it gets you up, around, through, or makes you go faster. Wider gearing range = good.

But besides this, the Carbon Beargrease x-9 is a different look. It has white Holy Rolling Darryl rims. A white Salsa downtube decal, and a different graphic treatment on the downtube than the XX-1 Beargrease has. Maybe its a bit more "showy"? Hmm..... All I know is everyone that has seen it says they think it is super cool.

Oh, and did I mention that it is about $1500.00 less than the ultra-cool XX-1 bike? Yes. It is. You still get the Beargrease carbon fork and frame, through axles front and rear, and the same great new geometry that the XX-1 bike has. Pretty darn cool, if ya ask me. This one is here, and we have another, size Large, which is to come soon. Stop by and check this out, or our Mukluk 2 & Mukluk 3's which are in stock and ready to slay snow which is coming.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter Time Values Are Here

The bike shop is not as busy in Winter as it is in Summer. (Duh! Captain Obvious!) So, here are some "deals" going down now that you may be interested in....

Deals on 2013 bikes. Maybe some even better than the sign says, but you'll have to come in...

Easton tubular wheels. Stop in for a crazy price!

Fat bike central
XC ski stuff is ready to go!
Easton snow shoes are in.
Trek Crossrip- a perfect bike for light touring/RAGBRAI
Come in and see all the 2014 models and Winter accessories like clothing, gloves, tights, and all the "deals" we have lurking now that it is Winter.