Monday, September 24, 2012

Mukluks Are In!

2013 Mukluk 2
We received a couple of our Mukluks while I was away at Interbike last week. I assembled both of them today.

First up we have the Mukluk 2, white and green, in a size Large. I will say I wasn't to hip on this color combo when I first saw the renderings, but in person, this thing is awesome.

The Mukluk 2 has some real cool details that I want to cover here. But first, there are a few major changes from last year's models that I will go over again here.

The Mukluk line up consists of a titanium frame, and two aluminum models, the Mukluk 3 and Mukluk 2. These comments only refer to the aluminum models.

The Muk 2 comes as a complete in the white/green shown, and has the Altenator rear drop outs now. This allows you to adjust your chain stay length, or to run the Mukluk as a single speed. Not only that, but this new frame has shorter chain stays anyway, making the bike easier to trail ride. Salsa also added a 44mm head tube, which would allow you to get a tapered steer tube fork, or to use an angle set head set. Not only this, but the head tube was shortened slightly as well. This makes the frame gusset look more normal than it used to last year. Finally, the bottom bracket height was raised 3mm from last year's Mukluk 2 and 3.

Rolling Daryls, Nate 3.8"ers, and X-9
Not quite so obvious changes included are the E-13 crank set which is exclusive to Salsa Cycles this year. It makes the drive train work in all combinations of gear choices with no chain rub on the 127TPI Nate 3.8"ers mounted on the 82mm Rolling Daryl rims, (with cut outs, mind you). Another one is the MRP bash guard on the under side of the crank set.

Other changes include the sano cable routing, fully housed front to rear, and the clamp on Salsa grips which match the color scheme.

This is a 2 X 10 drive train set up with Avid BB-7 brakes which I set up and have excellent modulation. Levers are Avid here as well. Salsa components are featured in the stem, handle bar, and seat post, and are all nicely finished. As seen here, this size large with test pedals installed weighs just a shade over 34lbs.

This is a no BS fat bike that you can ride anywhere. Versatile, reasonably light for the category, and good looking to boot.

2013 Muluk 3 in orange.
The 2013 Mukluk 3 in a Medium is next here. Same frame and fork as a Mukluk 2, but the component choices are different.

The major differences are in the wheels here. This Mukluk gets the "Un-Holy" Rolling Darryls, and 27TPI Nate 3.8"ers which are both adding some weight here. Hubs are anodized orange though, which looks fantastic on this rig.

The drive train features SRAM 9 speed, trigger shifting, and a crank set that is a dead ringer for my Origin 8 2X set up, (which is a good thing, mind you), and it also clears all gear combinations with these Nate 3.8"ers on the 82mm rims. Brakes remain Avid's excellent BB-7's but the Avid levers are one step below the Muk 2's and the grips are not lock ons, but are still Salsa branded tacky rubber ones. Good, solid fare that shouldn't let you down, its just heavier, (and less expensive), than the components on the Muk 2.

These bikes represent the cutting edge of fat bike design in their price categories. The frame refinements are big improvements over what was already a very capable fat bike. Just having the Altenator drops is a big deal, but the 44mm head tube, and the new cable routing is really icing on the cake.

We'll be getting in a Beargrease at some point soon, and that one will be the cream of the crop, light, high tech, and racy. But these two represent solid go anywher, do anything rigs that are FUN bikes to own and ride.

The Beargrease will be fantastic though. I can not wait till that one shows up. The Beargrease will definitely blow some minds when it comes to fat bikes and weight.

We'll also be getting in a Mukluk 2 frame set only in black with purple decals. So, if you already have a fat bike, but like the new Muk's feature set, you could buy that and swap over parts and have a killer, up to date fat bike.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interbike Report

I spent the last week in the outrageous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. I wasn't gambling, going to peep shows, or club hopping either. I was pounding a beat for Twenty Nine Inches, Gravel Grinder News, and representing the shop all at the same time.

Yes- I was busy!

So, I have run down most everything from Trek, Raleigh, and Salsa Cycles for next year already. With all the new stuff revealed, it wasn't that big of a deal from the shop's standpoint.

What will be a big deal is the push with regard to fat bikes. You will see a lot more about these rigs in our area in the coming months and years.

Meet Bud, Lou, Big Fat Larry, Knard, and Nate (L-R)
Surly Bikes, who started the turnkey fat bike craze with the Pugsley and Endomorph tires, has produced a slew of new treads for the category ranging from 3.7" to 4.8" in width. In the image here, you see a bunch of fat bike tires all mounted on 100mm rims for comparison.

Both the shops in the area are going to start pushing these bikes, so be prepared to see these monster-bike tires on appropriate frames soon. We'll have a couple Mukluks built up in the next day or so with the Nate 3.8"ers on them, so please check those out.

Salsa Mukluk 3- We'll have this on the floor soon!

I've been riding fat bikes since January 2011, so I have plenty of experience with the breed now. Check out our stock bikes, or you can ask to see my Mukluk with Big Fat Larrys on it, or my titanium Mukluk with Larry 3.8"ers and see what has been working here for flotation and traction. We welcome any and all questions about these big, fat bikes. But if you want the bottom line here, they are all about one thing: FUN!

Friday, September 14, 2012

2013 Bike Update

2013 Raleigh's are in and getting built up. We have a selection of hybrid, hybrid-dirt, and cyclo cross rigs already built with more hitting the floor all the time. Come in and check out the new rigs from Raleigh. Hurry as they are already selling well! We expect most bikes will be built and reacy to go by the end of next week.

2013 Treks have been on the floor for some time now, with the new Verve models showing up as an early favorite amongst our customers. But we also have several 29"ers, road bikes, and more that you should check out. Look for the high-zoot Project 1 Domane and Madone bikes to show up soon, along with the other Madone and Domane bikes we have on order.

Salsa 2013 bikes are coming. We know some of you are anxious to see these. We've heard some other dealers have just received their shipments, so we expect to see these bikes come in any day now. Mukluks, and Vayas will be hot items. make sure to check these bikes out when they hit our doors, probably sometime in the next few days....

I'll have an update with actual photos soon. Stay tuned!