Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interbike Report

I spent the last week in the outrageous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. I wasn't gambling, going to peep shows, or club hopping either. I was pounding a beat for Twenty Nine Inches, Gravel Grinder News, and representing the shop all at the same time.

Yes- I was busy!

So, I have run down most everything from Trek, Raleigh, and Salsa Cycles for next year already. With all the new stuff revealed, it wasn't that big of a deal from the shop's standpoint.

What will be a big deal is the push with regard to fat bikes. You will see a lot more about these rigs in our area in the coming months and years.

Meet Bud, Lou, Big Fat Larry, Knard, and Nate (L-R)
Surly Bikes, who started the turnkey fat bike craze with the Pugsley and Endomorph tires, has produced a slew of new treads for the category ranging from 3.7" to 4.8" in width. In the image here, you see a bunch of fat bike tires all mounted on 100mm rims for comparison.

Both the shops in the area are going to start pushing these bikes, so be prepared to see these monster-bike tires on appropriate frames soon. We'll have a couple Mukluks built up in the next day or so with the Nate 3.8"ers on them, so please check those out.

Salsa Mukluk 3- We'll have this on the floor soon!

I've been riding fat bikes since January 2011, so I have plenty of experience with the breed now. Check out our stock bikes, or you can ask to see my Mukluk with Big Fat Larrys on it, or my titanium Mukluk with Larry 3.8"ers and see what has been working here for flotation and traction. We welcome any and all questions about these big, fat bikes. But if you want the bottom line here, they are all about one thing: FUN!

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