Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Into Action

Time to get out and ride!
If you haven't been working too hard, you've likely noticed a marked decrease in snow coverage, warmer temps, and longer days.

That's right folks, its Springtime in Iowa!

You'll likely want to take a look at that bicycle. here's a few tips on what you need to do to get out and enjoy the riding season more quickly.

  • Air up: Those tires haven't been touched in a while, right? Better air them up to proper riding pressure. Look on the tire sidewall for a psi rating for the tire. Then determine whether or not you have a Schrader Valve or Presta Valve type tube, and grab your pump. (What? You do not own a floor pump? We've got em at the shop.) Get that tire aired up. 
  • Check that chain: Rub a finger on the chain. Feel dry? It needs lubrication. Lube your chain and wipe off the excess. Let the bike stand over night to allow the lube to work its way into the chain, then ride. 
  • If your bike was working properly when you stored it last, it likely will be fine for spring, (as long as it hasn't been sitting longer than a year), so the top two steps should be all you need to take care of. 
  • If your bike has been sitting awhile, it would be best to drop it off at the shop and have us do a Standard Tune Up, which will take care of anything necessary to make sure your bicycle is safe and ready to ride. (Any additional parts necessary would be extra with labor added as well)
  • Nicer bikes that need attention may require an Advanced Tune Up which does all of the above but gets you a wipe down so your rig looks a bit nicer as well. (Extra dirt, stains, and oxidation will not be removed, or may require an additional fee to take care of)
  • The finest bikes need extra care. At this level, you may want to look at a Performance Tune Up. We measure the wear on the drivetrain, and really clean the drivetrain to make sure your 10 speed system works at its best possible level. (If parts are worn, we will advise you and extra parts may be necessary to insure top performance. There is an upcharge in these cases.)
A Special Note On Overhauls: If your bicycle is older than 1995, you might benefit from an overhaul. After this time period, parts became increasingly less serviceable/adjustable. This integration and modular design has increasingly made the traditional overhaul obsolete. Since this is the case, we no longer offer a straight overhaul package. See Europa Cycle and Ski's mechanics for a free estimate as to what your bicycle may require. Modern, late model bikes usually benefit thoroughly from the above described packages and do not benefit at all from "overhauls" since we can not often do anything but remove and replace components.

Okay, that's a run down of our services and what you can do to get ready for a season of fun on your bicycle.

Let's Ride!