Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Salsa Cycles New Anything Cage HD And More!

Field testing the Anything Cage HD recently.
Today Salsa Cycles announced a new component for Fargos, Mukluks, and Blackborow fat bikes that are equipped with the Three Pack bosses on their forks and down tubes. It is a nylon reinforced plastic rack/cage for carrying roundish objects like tents, dry sacks, or what have you. I got to field test a pair on my awesome Blackborow DS and you can read my review of the Anything Cage HD's HERE. Salsa Cycles has a nice post on the development of this product you can read HERE.

We can hook you up with a set of Anything Cage HD's for your bike, or if you'd like to check them out on my bike, let me know and I can arrange for that. These will be a great addition to any Salsa bike with Three Pack bosses and could really help you "Adventure By Bike" be that on the Tour Divide, camping trips locally, or just for running errands.

2014 Mukluk Forks were recalled. Did you get yours checked?
Mukluk Fork Recall:

Salsa Cycles has issued a recall of Aluminum Bearpaw forks as used on 2014 Mukluk 3, Mukluk 2, and Titanium Mukluk bikes. If you own one of these bikes, and you have not had your fork checked out, please see the recall notice HERE, stop riding your bike immediately, and see a Salsa Cycles Dealer for your solution. 

Here's what you can expect: At Europa Cycle & Ski, we contacted all owners of Mukluk 3, Mukluk 2, and Titanium Mukluks that were purchased from Europa Cycle & Ski. Those bikes were checked and 100% of them were in the recall. Next, we offered the Carbon fork upgrade option or just to have the original fork replaced. Upon getting confirmation of which way the customer wanted to go, it typically took two working days to receive and replace the forks at no charge to the customer, (original fork replacement only), or at a modest upcharge, (Carbon option is $200.00 and includes through axle, end caps, and a carbon fork plug for the steer tube.)

So, if you are reading this out there and haven't gotten your 2014 Mukluk checked out, do it NOW!!

Custom 2013 Mukluk 2 trade in.
Killer Muk 2 Trade In:

Looking for a super-sweet Mukluk in a size Medium for a song? Look no futher than this highly customized Mukluk 2 built from a frame and fork for a local rider that just traded up to a Carbon Beargrease 2.

This bike features the alternate black/purple scheme for the Mukluk 2 from 2013 and is super rare. Add to this the impossible to obtain Limited Edition Purple Rolling Darryl rims laced to Mukluk 2 hubs.

The bike also features custom purple anodized bits like the head set spacers, cable ferrules, and even the cable crimp ons are purple anodized! This amazing looking bike, a one of a kind you'll never see anywhere else, was meticulously maintained by the previous owner and is in almost mint condition save for a few very hard to find mars in the paint in the usual places. Really- this bike looks almost brand new!

Check it out today at Europa Cycle & Ski. It won't last long at our price.

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