Saturday, May 19, 2012

3GR Report

Ali digging for a bottle
Hey, guess what? I actually thought to bring a camera on the ride this past Friday! I know....amazing!

Well, the 3GR is having a slow start with folks. This time I played host to my co-worker, Ali, who was on her first gravel grinder. She brought along her recently purchased 70's era Kabuki.

(See- you don't need to worry about which bike you "need", you just "need" to ride your bicycle!)

I used a slightly modified loop to what the first two had been, since there was a wicked South-Southeasterly wind afoot. So we went only a few miles North, and then mostly East, a bit back South, then back Westwards to finish up.

It was good to pass on a bit of knowledge to a new rider, and I think Ali got a good time out of it all. We did arrive at the conclusion that she is likely a natural born single speeder. I look for the Kabuki to shed some shifty bits soon!

Okay, I am still planning on continuing this series of rides every Friday at 5:30pm out of Gateway Park. Hope to see ya all there!

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