Friday, August 31, 2012

2013 Update

2013 Colossal
Just a heads up. We have several Trek 2013 bikes in stock already, but the "big dogs"- the Madones and Domanes are now ordered and we'll have some sweet road candy coming in soon.

Raleigh bikes just hit the door today. Look for some cool rigs on the floor as they get built up over the next few days and weeks.

And finally- Salsa bikes are due in sometime late September/early October. We'll have a Beargrease in Large, a Large orange Muk 3, a Medium Muk 2 in white/green, and a Large Muk 2 frame set in black w/purple decals. We'll have six Vayas, split between 2's and 3's, two Warbirds, a Colossal, and a Vaya Travel stainless steel bike. There are a couple I'm missing, but that's the order so far. Let us know if you want to claim one of these by putting some money down, or stop by to check them out. The Salsa bikes will be rad!

And don't forget, we have two Fargo 3's and a lonely Vaya from 2012 we'd love to find homes for along with the no longer available Casseroll, of which we have two of. We're prepared to make some sweet deals on these!

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