Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Salsa 2015: Fat Bikes

The 2015 Beargrease 2: Alu Beargrease returns!-$2599.00
Saddledrive in Utah has just concluded for QBP, which is the dealer only show our distributor has every Summer. The new Salsa Cycles rigs have been revealed and in this first post we will get a look at the newest fat bike offerings.

New for 2015 are three fat bikes, the Blackborow, the Bucksaw, and the Aluminum Beargrease, (which really is a returning model). Continuing models include Beargrease Carbon and Mukluk line ups (with suspension forks!)

So enough with the words! Let's look at the new rigs first!

Beargrease Carbon 1- $3699.00
The range topping Beargrease XX1- $5599.00
Range topping Bucksaw 1- $4999.00
The Bucksaw 2- $3999.00
The Mukluk Ti for 2015- Now with suspension!- $4899.00
The Mukluk 2 also will sport a Rock Shox Bluto fork- $2999.00
The Mukluk 3's get Holy Rolling Daryls and hydraulic brakes- $1899.00
The Muk 3 also is available in the stunning Ruby Red
The Blackborow 1- Biggest tires on the widest rims! $2799.00
Blackborow DS- 2 speed bushwhacking machine. $2299.00
So- There ya have it! The line up for 2015 from Salsa Cycles in terms of fat bikes. I'll be bringing you some finer details on the bikes later. Stay tuned!

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