Saturday, November 26, 2011

Product Profile: Salsa Cycles Mukluk

At Europa Cycle and Ski, we have several kinds of bicycles, but maybe none quite as unique and attention getting as the Salsa Cycles Mukluk. Let's take a look......

My personal Mukluk: Stock Muks differ slightly.
The Mukluk was born out of a need for cyclists to be able to traverse terrain that ordinarily would be impossible on any other bicycle. Places that feature things like snow, mud, and sand are all types of terrain that the Mukluk would excel at covering.

Many people try to pigeon hole these bikes into the "winter/snow bike' category, but they are not just for winter. Not by a long shot.

So, just what is going on here with these tires? Well, think "flotation", and you've pretty much nailed it. There is also the side benefit of traction and comfort that come along with these nearly 4 inch wide tires. The key to unlocking all the potential here is to use really low air pressures. I'm talking single digit low! I typically run somewhere around 7-9psi, but I have ridden down to 5psi and slightly below that. The softer and looser the conditions, the lower the pressure goes!

Going places, (like the beach/lake side above), where I couldn't normally pedal is a whole lot of fun. I have ridden sand and muck that would have stopped a normal mountain bike dead in its tracks. Of course, snow is another thing the Mukluk can tackle, and this leads to a cycling season that doesn't have to stop when the weather turns cold and snowy. I like that!

If you are interested, the shop has a Mukluk 3 model on display now. Come by and check it out, and if I am around, I will gladly tell you about some of my rides. The Mukluk has become one of my favorite bikes for anytime I want to go exploring and have fun!

Want to learn more right now? Go to Salsa Cycles' Mukluk 3 page here.

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