Monday, November 21, 2011


Head Mechanic: Guitar Ted
Hello! (And why this now?) 

 For many years, I thought that the shop where I have been wrenching at, Europa Cycle and Ski, ought to have a blog where we could communicate with our customers in the way that many have been accustomed to these past years- namely, by digital means where you the rider are, when you the rider want to check us out.

For whatever reasons, despite much prodding and cajoling, that never happened on an official level. So this is a disclaimer: This blog is not sanctioned by Europa Cycle and Ski and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of its owner. 

So, there is that. Now, for what the purposes here are: We strive to communicate with anyone that cares to check in on what we are stoked about, what is "new" at the shop, and to share ride tips, and tech tips. We are not going all "pirate radio" to slag our employer, or cause mayhem. That isn't our desire at all.

So, check out the blog, see what we have going on at Europa Cycle and Ski, and maybe stop in at the shop when you can. We'll have the coffee and tea ready for you.