Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Sale This Saturday!

Sale Flyer
The minions at Europa have been busily hacking prices, and getting everything lined up for this big to-do coming up early Saturday morning.

This is a one timer, two hour only dealio that you should check out. If you have a bicycle in mind, it'll be well worth your while.

I have the opportunity to "over hear" some of the goings on behind the curtains, and I happen to know that these prices are slashed down to the point that the shop isn't going to be able to do any better. If you want the absolute best price ever on a close out, this is your time.

In fact, if you miss getting in on the two hour sale event, don't even bother asking for these prices on the 2011 bikes. That's how good it is.

Other stuff is marked down as well. If you have a cyclist on your list for a gift, this is the day and these two hours are the time to get in and buy that gift. You won't get better pricing than this!

Okay, you've been told! I'll say this much, Europa doesn't have sales like this very often, so if you miss this opportunity, it'll be a long time before anything like this happens again.

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