Thursday, December 29, 2011

Special Projects? You Bet!

Many times during the winter months we have some special projects going on at Europa Cycle and Ski. This winter is no different.Take for instance, a recent restoration of a Trek 520 touring bike from the early 80's which went home with one of the shops' customers recently.

Salsa Cycles Ti Mukluk
One of the latest projects at the shop is something that I am currently building up, a Salsa Cycles Mukluk Ti. This is Salsa Cycles premium fat-bike frame.

Salsa Cycles Mukluk is a flotation bike meant for off road pursuits on terrain that may be very difficult, or even impossible, to ride with a standard mountain bike, yet it can do everything else a standard mountain bike can do as well.

These bikes are fitted with large volume, 3.8"-4.7" wide tires on rims from 65mm wide to 100mm wide. This configuration lends float and suspension all from your tires. The titanium version of the Mukluk is even more special.

The frame can be set up as a single speed, or a geared bike. (Standard aluminum Mukluk frames do not allow for single speed set ups without a tensioner.) The titanium frame is U.S. manufactured to Salsa Cycles specifications. It comes with a steel, "Enabler" fork, seat collar, and a right side single speed specific drop out plate and a geared specific one.

My project will feature a premium build and will have a single front chain ring driving a 10 speed cassette. I'll post details later, but if you are interested, stop on down to the shop, and I will be glad to discuss this bike with you, and how you could hop on a Mukluk aluminum or titanium fat bike of your own.

Maybe you've got something else in mind that you've always wanted to have built up? Just let us know. We can do restorations, new buike builds, or we can overhaul or spiff up that favorite older bike you may have. Just let us know, we love special projects.

Hope to see ya soon! We'll have the coffee and tea on for you when you come.

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