Friday, January 6, 2012

Mondays With Mark Redux

Mark, aka "Guitar Ted"
So, I guess I will be doing this paid gig soon called "Mondays With Mark", which will focus on a few topics to help anyone mildly interested in repairing and maintaining their bicycles.

We used to do this several years ago, but interest waned.....

Make no mistake- these won't be for advanced or intermediate level cyclists who do their own wrenching. These sessions are geared towards those who basically don't know squat about their bicycles, but would like to change that status.

Is that you? well, here is a tentative list of things I will be touching upon over the course of three to four Monday nights. (Dates and times to be announced soon)

  • Getting Your Bicycle In Shape For Spring!
  • Trailside Repairs
  • Where To Ride In The Cedar Valley/ Commuting To Work
There may be one more session, but we'll see how the attendance goes. If the series fizzles, there is no point in doing a fourth session. You folks out there in local Europa-land will help determine that one!

Stay tuned to this space for further updates.

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