Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get Fit!

Europa Cycles new fit platform and tools
All along, bicycles from bicycle shops have had one thing that other outlets for bicycles never have had- that is bicycles in different sizes. That's right. You don't have to fit on just whatever you find. Bicycles come in size proportions to fit most folks from very small to very large, all in the same model.

This means that a women that is 5'4" can buy the same model bicycle that a guy that is 6'3" can buy, just that one size fits her, and a larger, rangier size fits him. You know- like shoes, or clothes.

The one thing you may not realize is that you can take this one step further and get yourself really fitted to your bicycle. Kind of like how a tailor would fit a suit to a man, or a wedding dress to a prospective bride, a bike fitter can fine tune your position on the bike to bring out optimum performance and comfort on the bicycle of your choice.

Europa Cycle and Ski now offers professional bike fitting services for customers buying bikes from us, or for any bicycle you may want to have fine tuned for yourself. Just call or stop in and ask for Russ Clarke, who is in charge of fitting services for Europa. We'll have the coffee and tea on and waiting for you......

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