Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's New At The Shop? Go Electric!

Di2 Equipped Project One Madone
A New Way To Shift: A year or more ago, Shimano introduced a version of Dura Ace road components that was activated not by your typical Bowden Cable, but by electronic impulses and servo motors.

Why? Because shifting by the new Di2 system is always flawless, always the same, and easy to do. You'll never need a tune up, and theoretically, you'll never miss a shift.

It has been playing out that way for the Pros and enthusiasts that first bought into the system, but the Dura Ace version was, (and still is), hideously expensive. Shimano decided to introduce an Ultegra version of Di2 with a far easier to swallow price tag, and guess what? We've got it down at Europa.

The system is mounted to one of Trek's finest road rockets, a Project One Madone that we custom spec'ed for display on the floor at Europa.

Shift by button!
Come on down and check this out. Ask Russ or one of the sales personnel to help you demo this bike on our indoor trainer set up, or simply watch as we show you how it works. I can not describe in words accurately just what you will experience, but I will say it is amazing and unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The system runs off an incredibly lightweight lithium ion type battery pack which is located underneath the bottom bracket. That feeds the system power enough to last up to 1000 shifts. This power is transmitted through a network of wires that run through the frame internally for an ultra-clean look.

Shifting duties are handled by buttons that mimic the levers of a traditional Shimano system with the major difference being that the brake lever now does not swivel inwards. Instead, there is a section just behind the lever that is a button which you depress to initiate the downshift. Up shifts are controlled by a button shaped very much like the inner lever of a traditional STI mechanism.

Now here is something really mind blowing about the lever buttons: We can program them to do whatever we want! That's right- you literally could set your shifting up to be reversed from normal, or have either lever button initiate an opposite function from normal. Weird, but useful in special needs situations.

A Close Look At The Front Mech
After your selection at the lever, an electric servo motor receives an impulse which commands it to move the derailleur a specified amount, which in turn moves the derailleur and chain to the cog you desire. Perfectly. Every time.

Most amazing is the front derailleur, which Shimano programed to auto-trim and auto compensate for shifts to the big and little rings in a way that has to be seen to be understood. Trust me- it is absolutely game changing.

Come on down anytime and we'll show you the new Di2 Ultegra. It is at the least something you'll want to see up close and personal. We're sure you'll be wowed and it is definitely worth the time to see. If you should want your own Di2 bike, but don't like red and white, we can custom spec a Project One Madone in a myriad of choices. We've got a computer set up to help you preview all the choices and we can help you with those choices as well.

Or- You may want to sit in the comfort of your home and make your own spec sheet. Just hit up and see what you can get. Then you can just pop in to Europa where we can put in your order for your own custom Madone with Di2, or without, if you'd rather.

Either way, stop on down and have a look see. We'll have the coffee and tea hot and waiting...........

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