Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Last Monday's With Mark

Well, the last get together with me is tomorrow night at the shop @ 6:30pm. This time I'm covering some good places to ride and some commuting tips as well will be discussed.

Really- when it comes right down to it, it is all about throwing your leg over whatever you have for a bicycle and riding. I don't think it matters if you race, or if you do RAGBRAI. It doesn't matter if you ride to work, or for your work, it just matters that you ride a bicycle.

Why? Because the bicycle, in its simplicity and efficiency, is a marvel of a machine, useful for human fitness, human well being, human environment, and for human entertainment. The bicycle is more than a mode of transportation.

So, my goal for the last Monday's With Mark is to inspire someone to ride one more ride more than they would have otherwise. If I can do that, the whole series is a success. It doesn't matter that I may have, or not- as the case may be- taught you anything. It doesn't matter that the shop gets you in the door. It doesn't matter if we sell you something, or that if someone else gets your money.

To me, it just matters that you ride a bicycle.

Maybe I'll see you Monday night, but if not, please consider riding your bicycle more. Thanks!

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