Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Update

We've got a Med in this color...
Winter is nigh upon us at Europa Cycle and Ski, and we have some updates concerning winter stuff for ya'all. this Large Beargrease....
XC skis are in along with boots, bindings,  and poles. Come in and check out the stuff and get ready for the XC skiing season. Plus, we just got in a shipment of Easton snow shoes for those who would like to enjoy walking through the woods in that way. Snow shoes and XC skies are also available for rent. just give the shop a call for details.

Trek and Raleigh 2013 bikes grace the floor. We've sold a few Trek Domanes already, and again I will say it- this is going to be the hot road rocket sled for 2013. I am betting these will sell through quickly, so come on in and check out these comfortable yet fast road machines.

Raleigh sent us a cool commuter rig that features a Nexus internal 8spd hub and a Patterson 2 speed crank set. So.......what does that mean? It means sixteen speeds of goodness without a single derailleur, that's what it means. You have an internally geared hub mated to an internally geared crank set. one big, meaty single speed type chain, and two cogs. That's it! Plus it is easy to shift. Come on in and check it out soon.

...and we have tires!
We've been seeing a lot of interest in the fat bikes too. We have already sold some, a few sets of tires, and we would love to get some more bikes and tires out there as well. Check out our Muk 3, Beargrease, or our special Muk 2 frame/fork for your own customized build. We also have a set of 120TPI Nate tires, a couple sets of Big Fat Larry tires, and more cold weather cycling gear as well.

Finally, there is some planning to have a Film Night at Europa. We are planning to show two short films. One will be a film by Salsa Cycles called "So far To Go" which is a film about a couple of guys that did the Tour Divide and how they managed that. We'll also show the film "300 Miles Of Gravel", which is a documentary on Trans Iowa V7. This film recently won an Emmy in the Chicago Region for Best Sports Programming: One Time Event. Come and see a rare public showing of this flick and find out more about Trans Iowa, and about Tour Divide.

More details on the Film Night soon.

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