Sunday, December 2, 2012

Salsa Vaya: The Perfect RAGBRAI Bike?

While we've yet to receive all of our Salsa Vaya bikes for 2013, there are a few out there being ridden already. Recently I came across an excellent review of a Salsa Vaya in terms of touring and recreational riding that might be of interest to the road recreational riders of the cedar Valley and especially for those of you who do the annual RAGBRAI ride and like to carry a little something on a rack with you.

Check the review out here.  I think you'll agree that for our area and our roads, the Vaya is a great fit for bike paths, commuting, going from town to town, or even for riding on gravel. As the reviewer says, the vaya can do it all from completely unloaded, fast, fun rides to full on loaded up style touring.

We've got one Vaya 3 in stock now with others to show up soon. Check 'em out. We'll have the coffee on for you.

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