Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servicing Shocks, Bleeding Brakes, And More....

Now servicing Fox Forks!
Suspension Serving: Winter may be putting you off your bike, but don't put off servicing your equipment till Spring! Do it now and be ready to roll when the weather finally turns. Europa is now a Fox dealer and can do any servicing on Fox forks. Plus, we can do servicing on your Rock Shox forks as well. Stop by and see us for that shock overhaul.

Say what? You have never had that done to your fork? You should check the servicing intervals for your shock and then maybe stop by and see us. Just a helpful hint there. Your shock performance may not be what it could be.

Also, if you have a mountain bike you love but the fork isn't lighting you up these days, we also can now get forks direct from Fox, and of course, we can also get any Rock Shox, Manitou, or Magura fork you may be interested in.

Winter time is the perfect time to check into servicing your fork or upgrading to a new one as the trails are socked in now anyway and your bike is probably just hanging from a hook, waiting for you to show it some love!

Your brakes need bleeding.....really!
Brake Bleeding: You may not know it, but your brakes probably need bleeding as well, especially Avid brakes. Any brake with DOT fluid that hasn't been bled really should be! Your DOT fluid draws moisture and that moisture affects how well your hydraulic brakes work. A quick bleed and new fluid takes care of your bike for the coming riding season. Typically hydraulic brakes, be they mineral oil based or DOT fluid based, should be bled once a year to rid the system of any air that has intruded during use. And typically with bicycle based hydro brakes, you don't notice how poor your brakes are doing until it is too late. Service those brakes now while riding season is out of season!

Got mechanical brakes and think you don't have to worry? Think again! Your cables and housings are the heart of your system, and if they have never been changed, they probably are taking away from the performance of your mechanical brakes by way of friction and housing breakdown. Mechanical disc brakes put a lot of stress on housings and can make them too flexible, which robs you of braking power. Stop in and have us show you the options to get you mechanical brakes working at peak efficiency. Stopping is good!

Time to tune up!
Maybe you don't have shocks or disc brakes, but you probably should get that rig looked at any way. Wheels need truing, cables and housings need to be checked, and tires and tubes need looking over before the cold weather leaves us and you reach the day that you want to grab that bike and just go for a ride.

Make sure you are ready by having Europa Cycles tune it up for you now. Beat the rush in Spring and avoid waiting for your bike for any period of time!

In the meantime, Europa's "unofficial, bandit blog" would like to wish you all out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you get miles of smiles in 2014!

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