Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tune Up Class & Other News

Hey there! It's been a while now, but the rogue shop blog isn't dead yet! In fact, I am just so busy rubbing my hands together to stay warm lately that I don't have time to type on this here page!

But seriously, it isn't the busiest time of the year, obviously. Now that Spring is nigh though, there are the thoughts that should be entering your brain like, "I should get my bicycle(s) looked at soon....." (At least you SHOULD be thinking along those lines!) Maybe you have always wanted to know just what sort of magic bicycle mechanics do to bikes. Maybe the dark art of wheel truing, perhaps, or the deep magic involved in derailleur adjustments. (Well, it really isn't magic, but I have been bombarded with J.K. Rowling references by my teenage daughter lately, so....)

If this vaguely describes you in any way, perhaps the new "Bicycle Repair Classes" is for you. (Click the flyer to observe the text in a larger format.) This year we decided that a more "in depth", hands on approach may be desired by a few folks. It costs more money since you get yer own wrenches to spin that you can keep forever, and the class is "hands on" your very own rig, so you get it tuned up as well. Maybe no one will care to sign up, which is fine by me, since I will go on a bicycle ride instead! (<====HA!)

Special deals to be had.....
In other news....

We have a few "Special Deals" on some Salsa Cycles rigs. How special? So special I can't even tell you openly about them. That's how special! Here are a few bikes that are on our "hot list"....

Size Large Beargrease XX1
58cm & 56cm Warbird 2's ('13 models)
54cm Casseroll ('13 model)
Mukluk 3's- A few to choose from.

PLUS: Several Treks and Raleighs that are RED TAGGED

Interested in buying anything like this for a special price? Tell us you will buy one, (or heck- all of them!), and we'll tell you the price. Don't come tire kickin', cause we won't give you a price unless you are buying. Yes- it is that good of a deal.

RAGBRAI Comes Close in '14!!

In case you had not heard, RAGBRAI 2014 is coming through our area. It overnights in Waverly and Independence. It will be a flat, easy as pie ride, so gear up your steeds folks. We'll be super busy come June, so do not wait to get your new bike or tune up on your old rig. Get in the shop now and beat the rush! Don't look all sorry when you wait till June 15th and we tell you it is a two week backlog on repairs.

Don't say I never told ya so!

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